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Electrify Your Business with Robust Web and Mobile Applications, E-Commerce Solutions, Enterprise Software and Social Media Presence.





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Springboard your existing business or a new business idea with our experienced technology partner teams. Consider TGI as an extension of your business or your technology team, simply sitting in a different space. We closely work with you to have a better understanding of your unique business needs and deliver a solutionset that helps you outperform your competition. Our custom mobile and web application solutions along with our bespoke service allow you to slam dunk your every business move. We know its never business as usual for you, therefore, our extensive experience of working with both private and public organizations allow us to identify, strategize, aim and shoot the best standards for you.

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Personalized service with perfection is our mantra. We go above and beyond to cater to your requirements and deliver products and services that surpass your expectations. We understand that you can go anywhere for your technology needs, what stands us apart is our extensive experience and diversified team that offer a perfect recipe for your success.

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Services PageConsultingOur unique approach to consultation is founded on the fact that your success translates in ours. Our decades long experience...
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Website Development

Your business's digital transformation begins with an impactful web presence. While you may have many choices for your website development needs..
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Mobile Applications Development

In a highly mobile human society, it's imperative to reach your target market wherever they may be. A robust, scalable and user-friendly mobile...
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Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and other social media platforms have transformed the way people interact with each other...
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E-Commerce Solutions

Electronic Commerce is on the rise since COVID-19 pandemic started pushing the governments towards aggressive lockdown...
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QA Testing

We understand that your software must meet all standards for its optimum performance. Our quality assurance teams are well-versed..
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Our Featured Projects

AgeWiser - AI Powered Senior Care
AgeWiser is a holistic AI-driven senior care app. Upon first use, it assesses users across Mobility, Mind, Medical, and Social pillars. Tailored content is then delivered, in the form of videos, games and mental activity targeting improvement of balance, strength and coordination. The AI assistant, “Jen”, offers contextual advice and reminders.

#1 Essential App for seniors

Comprehensive application tackling 4 pillars of senior care and well-being with the power of AI, Promoting “Aging in place”
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