Custom Software Development Services

We provide custom software development solutions to meet your business’s unique goals.

One size never fits all.

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Custom Software Development Services

We understand that every business has unique challenges; therefore, one size fits all approach does not work for growing and high growth companies. Our custom software services teams have been working with diversified customers for more than a decade/ We have been providing cutting-edge, scalable and robust custom software to both government and private sector clients. From highly complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to small custom technology solutions, TGI has it covered.

Custom software development is the process of designing, developing, and deploying a bespoke software program designed to meet the needs of a specific customer. In contrast, organizations have the option to buy off-the-shelf commercial software packages that are designed to meet a very broad set of requirements within one or multiple areas of a business, and hence can be sold en mass in the market. Dynamic 365 and WordPress are examples of commercially available off-the-shelf solutions in the market.

Off-the-shelf software products are ideal to meet the common similar needs of multiple customers whereas, custom software development helps an organization boost its productivity and meet demands that are unique to their specific business model, products, and services.

Custom software can be either developed by an in-house team or can be outsourced to a third-party software development firm. The development process of bespoke software is the same as any other software product. Starting of project outline and documentation of the required features and functionality, UI design and workflows, coding, testing, and final deployment followed by maintenance and regular updates.

The biggest advantage of custom software development is that you can include the latest functionalities and features that can help you get a competitive edge over your competitors. Whereas, for an off-the-shelf solution it depends on the software publisher whether they will release new and latest functionalities and features and at what rate will they be updating their product.

Bespoke development can include creating a software product from the scratch or modifying and customizing an already available open-source software or code.

Complete Software Development Map


May it be an idea of a small business or a next unicorn, solving simple lifestyle problems to improve efficiency at a large corporation, no idea is big or small for the custom software solutions team at TGI. We take your idea as seriously as you do and work closely with you to make it a reality.


Our custom software development strategy is closely structured around your go-to-market strategy. From web based applications development to mobile apps, from enterprise resource planning systems to an e-commerce system, TGI helps create a strategy with you that meets your business needs.


We carefully design software architecture that meets your current as well as future business needs. Requirements documentation explains all perceivable use-case scenarios and user-stories. Once approved, we get started with the interface design.


Our design team submits low-fi and high-fi designs for approval. Any iterations from clients are entertained at this stage. Designs stories are explained by the designs and user-experience is outlined to ensure quality standards


Once user-experience design is finalized, our development teams start their work. Experienced custom software engineers at TGI develop and compile code while maintaining our high quality standards. Detail code documentation is kept during the development process for simultaneously managed quality assurance.


We adhere to the industry’s highest quality standards in our processes. Our quality assurance testing teams work closely with the developers to ensure quality project outcome.


As we launch your product, we work closely with you to manage the release and any changes you may request at that point. All release versions are maintained for effective changes management.


As part of our support, we provide our clients with complete software documentation and training. We also provide scheduled and adaptive maintenance for all of our services. Your peace of mind is the most important KPI we track.

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