Four Challenges in Technology Solutions Outsourcing

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With the fear of a looming recession, many technology companies are looking to recalibrate their workforce without impacting their projects. Even large-size technology companies like Twitter and Facebook are restricting their tech teams and outsourcing some of their work to South Asia-based technology firms to help them manage their cost centers. Although technology outsourcing is a familiar term to Western technology companies, a few nuances of technology outsourcing are alien to many software-focused companies. Frankly, it’s not that easy to go online and select the first technology outsourcing company that shows on the search results. This process requires careful evaluation of every aspect of sending out the work while managing all quality protocols.

Here, we will list four crucial challenges companies face when outsourcing their technology solutions overseas.

Know your needs

You cannot outsource all your projects to a third party. First, you must carefully evaluate your project and itemize the workload that can be comfortably branched out to overseas technology companies. Once you complete the evaluation, you may only need to outsource your quality assurance or maybe just the design work. Sometimes, it’s better to outsource the complete project to help manage your tight budget. Once you know your outsourcing needs, you can start your search for the right fit.

Finding the Right Fit

One size fit all doesn’t work in tech outsourcing. A simple Google search would reveal countless companies professing their expertise in various technology sectors. While doing your initial research, it can be challenging to pick a company that stands out from the rest. To overcome this issue, you should look into their core competencies and see their customer feedback. It should give you a better insight into your prospective technology partner. You may incline towards betting on a relatively newer company, and there is nothing wrong with that but start with a smaller project to properly gauge their work quality. Once you are satisfied with your finding, you can then embark on a relationship with your new technology partner.

Clearly Outline the Scope of Work

It’s imperative that you put the scope of work in writing along with its Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and read it through before handing it down to your outsourcing partner. Quantifiable scope of work and its deliverables would help you in getting better output from a third-party tech company.

Constant Communication is the Key

Effective and constant communication before, during, and after the project would help you get better output from your technology partner. This technique would also lay the foundation of a lasting relationship with your technology team situated thousands of miles away from your headquarters.

Start with a small project, make yourself comfortable, and then grow your relationship with your overseas technology partner over time. Companies like TGI that have more than a decade-long experience working with the government as well as private companies and have delivered projects ranging from small apps to large ERP solutions can be a great partner for your technology needs.