Safr Care

Safrcare is a patient-centric healthcare transportation platform designed to provide non-emergency medical transportation services. Our mission is to deliver affordable, comprehensive, and wheelchair-accessible transportation solutions for medical appointments. With a focus on patient comfort and convenience, Safrcare ensures reliable transportation to and from medical facilities, enhancing access to healthcare for individuals in need.

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Knowledge Testing System (DC DMV)

Introducing the Interoads Knowledge Testing System, tailored specifically for the DC DMV. Our platform allows for the implementation of multiple tests across various locations, supporting an unlimited range of languages. Through our intuitive dashboards, managing operations and monitoring test results has never been easier. Whether it's administering exams for driver's licenses or other certifications, our system streamlines the testing process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy for all stakeholders involved.

AgeWiser-AI Powered Senior Care

AgeWiser is a holistic AI-driven senior care app. Upon first use, it assesses users across Mobility, Mind, Medical, and Social pillars. Tailored content is then delivered, in the form of videos, games and mental activity targeting improvement of balance, strength and coordination. The AI assistant, "Jen", offers contextual advice and reminders.

#1 Essential App for seniors
Comprehensive application tackling 4 pillars of senior care and well-being with the power of AI, Promoting “Aging in place”

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